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For Program Investors

Trinity Trading Group’s currency trading program is incredibly versatile, flexible, and effective, allowing us to provide customized solutions for nearly any investor need. Whether your investment with us is the primary focus of Betfair Casino loginyour portfolio, or you are simply seeking to diversify your holdings, our program offers numerous “applications” tailored to your unique circumstances and aimed at fulfilling your specific short-term goals, long-term goals, or both.

Depending on your objectives—and whether you are an individual investor, wealth manager, institution, or foreign investor—our currency betfair live casinotrading program can be implemented across the following types of investment accounts:

Betfair login Seven Reasons a Currency Investment is an Excellent Addition to Your Portfolio


  • Single or Joint – Trinity Trading Group’s program can benefit single or joint investors by providing numerous customizable options.
  • Qualified Retirement Plans – Fund your retirement by investing in our program as a part of your IRA, Roth IRA, 401K, or other qualified retirement plan
  • Educational Savings – Invest with Trinity Trading Group in conjunction with an educational savings account.

Wealth Manager / Institutional

  • Long-Term – If an alternate financial asset investment is one of  your client’s long-term  goals, Trinity Trading’s program is a low-risk option with potential for significant gains.
  • Short-Term (Liquidity) – A trading account with Trinity Trading Group can serve to replace other liquid accounts such as traditional savings and money market accounts.
  • Transition/Control – Our program can be utilized both as a means of transition management and investment control.
  • Employee Benefit – Trinity Trading Group’s program can operate as a money manager in employee benefit programs for companies of all sizes.


  • Long-Term – Foreign investors can diversify their portfolio by utilizing our trading program as a long-term investment vehicle.
  • Currency Conversion – Upon opening a trading account, Trinity Trading Group is able to handle your currency conversion needs at substantially lower costs than most traditional conversation options.

To learn more about the various currency trading investment applications offered by Trinity Trading Group, please contact us to begin the process of diversifying and augmenting your portfolio.